Clocking in or Clocking out?

I heard a comment the other day by a speaker at a meeting.  “Clocking in or Clocking out?”  This deeply caught my attention.  I begin to think…. “how many times do we go to church and clock into the service yet clock out of what we listen to or apply in our lives?”

For example:

Do you clock in to attending church?  Yet, when something pops up to keep you from church.  Worship to the Lord is last place in your life because you have clocked out.

Do you clock in to giving your tithes and offerings at church?  Yet when other things come into your financial need.  You clock out with giving.

Do you clock in to loving your Brother or Sister in the Lord?  Yet if one does not do like you like…  You quickly clock out.

Do you clock in to forgiveness like God said to forgive?  Or do you clock out of forgiveness and hold that and hold that and hold that….?   How can we expect God to forgive us if we can not forgive?

I am not one to tell you what you should do.  For I am responsible to my Lord for myself and you are for yourself.  Although,  I have “Clocked in” to what the Word says in my own life.  That is how we follow our Lord Jesus.  Do not “Clock out” on what His Word tells us.

Remember to go to Worship, give your offerings, love your fellow person, forgive those who have upset you, and the list goes on and on….

Hey… “Clock in!”  to what the Lord would have you learn.

Join me as I do so today!

The Clock is ticking…     – Pastor Gary Langley


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