Gospel Sing Gathering

On the last Sunday night of each month we have a gospel singing.  We have named it our “Gospel Sing Gathering – Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord”.  We invite many to come and sing with us.  Over the months we have had different churches and denominations join us to sing praises to Jesus Christ our Lord.  This night is a night of praise and not of one promoting ourselves.  It is all about Jesus.

We have had as many as 23 songs done and usually each person singing can do two gospel songs of their choice.  From hymns, contemporary, southern or country gospel.  Some use Cd sound tracks and some use live instruments such as piano, guitar, mandolin, fiddle(violin), harmonica, drums, etc….

The singing starts at 6:00p.m. and after the singing we eat and have fellowship. Usually by 8:30 -9:00pm we are all done and everyone is on there way home.


Here is a few pictures of our singing night.


      Francies Oates & James Norris                                          Pastor Gary Langley  & Bro. Harold Conaway




          Sharon  Norris                                                               James Norris




          Janet Kincaid                                                         Kathryn Krzywonski




        Francies  Oates                                                    Pastor Gary Langley & Grandson Jacob Kazen





Celebrating  15th Anniversary with Singing                                       James Norris, Francies Oates, & Pastor Gary




Patrick Coffey and Michael Ruiz                                                   “Fiddlin”   Pastor Gary Langley




Kristina &  Tacho Rodriquez, Pastor Gary & Sis. Mary                                      Bro. Harold & Sis. Beckie Conaway