Got Jesus?

OK…. here is a thought for the day!   “Got Milk?”   I know you have seen this many times before….. Or what about those cows on the billboards..  “Got Chicken?”   Or “eat more Chicken”…. I was thinking about those who say “I am a Christian”….  You know when we say this we are saying we “Got Jesus!”   Right?   I know you have seen also the WWJD?  Right?  “what would Jesus do?”…… Are we… being like Jesus?  Imitators of Christ?  Letting our LIGHT shine?  Representing Jesus…. Ambassadors for Christ?  Are we?
We need to remember that we are not saying  “Got the flesh… or Got the world?”  Are we??? Just a thought here today….  When we drink of the living water (JESUS) we will never run dry…. we will be filled up and full of Him.  We will walk as He walked and we will talk like He talked.  We will be a true, pure, clean, and powerful Believer in this Kingdom of our Lords! Thank You Jesus for changing me and molding me like YOU!  Help me to represent you well.   I am part of Your family… THE FAMILY of GOD!   We are VICTORIOUS and we are OVERCOMERS!  WE ARE!  YES WE ARE!!!
Bless your day!  –  Pastor Gary


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